How Do I Know If My Solar Installer or Solar Panel Installer Is Right for Me?

Solar panel installers are by far the core component of the solar power industry. There are many solar panel manufactures, but the best known are SunPower, SolarReson and the main players in the solar panel market are Eclipse Energy and Mitsubishi Electric. Solar panel manufactures from are yet another key ingredient to the solar system, but they've brought their prices down on a gargantuan scale and some even argue that solar panel sales have even picked up. What's with the low prices though? Why are solar panel prices so low? What drives the price down so much?

The answer lies in two places. First, the industry is very competitive and to get into the business, you have to offer more than your competitors. This helps keep customer acquisition costs down, since customers will be looking for the lowest prices they can find. But it also means you have to offer more. In other words, be more competitive than your competitors.

So how do you stay competitive? By reducing your customer acquisition costs. The less people there are that buy from you, the less money you will make selling electricity to them. That means you'll have to lower your electricity prices, which inevitably means reducing your Blue Raven Solar panel installers' fees. But if you go that route, you will get lower profits.

But that's not all you have to do. Your solar installer is probably the most important customer of all, so the less you have to pay them for services rendered, the more you will be able to charge your other customers for services rendered. By lowering your costs, you also lower your customer acquisition costs because you won't have to compensate your technician partners for their services.

There are two main types of solar panels - stand-alone and integrated. Stand-alone systems are smaller, cheaper and easier to install. Integrated systems include everything that goes into making your electricity - solar panels, solar inverters, batteries and so on. Each of these things is a large cost, both to purchase and to operate. But by combining them into one integrated system, you can bring everything together and make one affordable price for everyone - including your solar panel installers.

When you contact your solar panel installers, tell them you're thinking about having them install either a stand-alone system or an integrated one. Ask what kind of training they have, and if they have the proper training certification. (The International Solar Contractors' Association offers a two-year renewable energy contractor certification program.) If they claim they're experts in either installation or inverter design, have them explain the difference in as much detail as possible. And if you get the sense that either your solar contractor or your solar panel installer may not have the right training certification, call a solar panel installation company that does have the training certification and does have the right certification for their installations. Continue on reading at

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